SURF+TURF: MONTAUK, released in 2014 by Car Pelleteri, is a portrait of Montauk from 2012 to 2013. Through intimate interviews of its natives and locals, Car captures a frame in Montauks history during a tense, cultural shift from a fishing community of surfers and smugglers to a hipster resort destination for celebrities and the fabulously young and rich.

Montauk, at its roots is a fishing and surfing community authentically New York, and yet deeply American. Montauk is hardworking, raw, loyal, wild, money making and fun loving. The first surfers rode into Montauk in the 1960s and did anything they could to live and surf in Montauk. Most became fishermen, some waitresses and others started businesses. Over the course of fifty years they built and preserved what Montauk is today. Known then as the wild wild east, Montauk established itself with a rich history of cool and became world renowned as the summer hideout for cultural icons Andy Warhol, Halston, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

SURF+TURF: MONTAUK captures a rare oral history of a uniquely American seaside town told through candid portraits of its original locals and natives. SURF+TURF features interviews with town matriarch Roberta Gosman, surfer Leif Engstrom, Shagwong owner Jimmy Hewitt and more. 

SURF+TURF: MONTAUK is an endless summer classic and was a limited edition printing of 500 hardcover books. It was carried at 27 book stores through out Montauk, The Hamptons, NYC, Florida and Washington State.

It retailed for $75 and is SOLD OUT.


"An amazing, evocative project - the visuals are magnificent.”  - Julie Grau Publisher, Spiegel & Grau/Random House
"A book that captures the true essence of Montauk." - Alice Houseknecht Former Proprietor, East Deck Motel
"The real beauty in a place like Montauk is its character - the character of its people and the character of its land." - Car Pelleteri